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If you are reading this right now it is probably because you are not satisfied with the service your regular installer is giving you. It is possible; too, that some past experience has leaded you to have certain doubts about installers in general. Please give us the opportunity, in the name of all the excellent professionals, and we consider ourselves to be amongst them, to give you back your confidence in the professionals. If on the contrary you have never had to look for a professional installer, lucky you, you have found the right one the first time around.

Ever since we started in 1988 the opinions of our customers have been the best introduction and recommendation. These customers are the same ones who have seen our first steps and still are with us, sharing our aims, our eagerness and our satisfaction for a job well done.

We are exclusively dedicated to electrical installations and are in possession of the official accreditation, necessary to perform electrical and telecom installations. Our experience gives us the possibility to find integral solutions to your problems in the following areas: electrical installations, air conditioning, installations in vehicles, computer and telecommunication networks.

Professionals for demanding clients, professionals for professionals, our only goal is to improve day by day. We hope that our homepage on Internet helps us to bring our range of services closer to everyone, especially to those who do not know us yet.

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